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The Big Red M Box

The Big Red M Box

What is The Big Red M Box?It’s Maryville in a Box! The Big Red M Box is filled with exclusive Maryville University spirit merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else and is delivered three times a yearWhy should I purchase The Big Red M Box?The box is filled with merchandise, recipes and information about the history of Maryville which demonstrate the pride, spirit, and tradition of the university. There will be exclusive events for members and The Big Red M Box gnome for Maryville’s annual gnome hunt.Can I buy it as a gift for someone else?Definitely! You will be able to indicate who will receive it at the time of purchase.What if I need items substituted out for nutritional or religious reasons?All items in The Big Red M Box can be exchanged for something that better fits your needs. Contact The M Store with any needed changes. Your card on file will be charged before distribution. Memberships may be canceled at any time.The Big Red M Box will be distributed as a part of Go Saints First Fridays on September 7, December 7, and April 5.