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Course Materials Returns Policy

Returns Policy


Maryville's exclusive online course material provider is MBS Direct. Course material and pricing information is subject to change based upon updated data from publishers and instructors. MBS Direct and The M Store cannot and will not be responsible for any customer service, return, or refund issues related to any other online merchant. Before purchasing anything from a Marketplace vendor, please check their returns policy.


  • Course materials are due for return within 7 days after last day of classes.
  • Course materials are due for return immediately for drop/withdraw classes.
  • RedShelf eBooks/access codes are available for every students. If no record of purchase, access will be revoked on week 3 of classes. 
  • VitalSource eBooks and access codes are NON-RETURNABLE once activated. If you are uncertain whether you need this eBook or other digital resource, it is advised that you not activate, download, or reveal access codes. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return an eBook or 14 days after class has started, whichever comes later.