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In the Land of Huge Things

In the Land of Huge Things

Melanie Malone, tired of living with her abusive aunt after her parents' tragic deaths, runs away from home in hope of finding a better life. Her two best friends, determined to keep her out of trouble, tag along and run into some unexpected danger. The three friends find themselves in another land where everything is huge. They are faced with a world full of enormous insects, trees, and even giants- both good and bad! Melanie finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between the mysterious Guardians of "The Land of Huge Things" and a band of malicious giants. She must save her friends and somehow help the Guardians thwart an evil plan to overthrow the kingdom without getting killed in the process. The Land of Huge Things, or The Realm, is a parallel world that is connected to the human world by a strange cave hidden in the side of some cliffs. This land, although beautiful and full of mystery, is also dangerous. The creatures that reside there are much different than those from our world. How will they react to humans from the outside world interfering with their own?