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Located in the Donius University Center, the University Bookstore offers cost-effective copy, mail and fax services; we have added laminating and binding to the services. The University Bookstore strives to provide quality and timely service for all academic and administrative units of the university.


We now offer convenient, online services. You can have your documents printed, stapled, hole-punched, collated and folded all with just a click of a few buttons. Fill out our Copy Request Form to let us know what you need. If you have any questions, please call the University Bookstore and we will be glad to help.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 9:00 pm and Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Copying Needs

·Complete the copy request form; please put name and account number or department name, number of originals, number of copies requested and fill out appropriate services requested (i.e. collate, staple, back to back, etc.) Please refer to the middle section marked “special instruction” to specify colored paper, three hole, transparency paper, etc.

·On two sided originals, each side is considered an original.

·Paper sizes available: 8 1/2 X 11 , 8 1/2 X 14, and 11 X 17

·Please remove all staples from originals prior to requesting copies.

·We can cut and/or staple.

·Folder/Inserter machine available.



·We can produce covers for booklets.

·We can change the position of staple if requested ahead of time.

·We can copy while you wait if emergency. When possible, please place in request box. We will run in the order of receipt.

Preparing Materials for Copying

To ensure your copies are of the highest quality:

·Copy should be as clean as possible; imperfections will print along with copy.

·Do not fold, staple or use paper clips on camera ready copy.

·Prepare all copy on white paper.  Avoid use of colored stock, erasable bond, onionskin or similar papers with surface irregularities.

·Allow minimum margins of 3/8” at the top and bottom of each sheet and 3/8” of each side.

·Use only black ink or toner when preparing copy and a black pen when signing memos or letters to be copied.

·Make corrections carefully to avoid smudges.

·Sharp, black copy is important to good copying.

·We have 14 walk-up copiers placed strategically throughout the campus for use with an auditron. Copy jobs of 25 copies or less can be made on these copiers. We strongly recommend using the bookstore for all other copy jobs over 25 copies. Copies made on the small walk-up machines are charged to your department at the rate of $.08 each. Copies made through the Bookstore are charged at $.03 each.

·Tests are secured in a locked cabinet and must be retrieved by the instructor or Secretary.  Please do not send student workers to retrieve exams.


Confidential Copying

The staff in the bookstore understands that certain jobs are private and must be kept that way. If your materials are of a private manner, simply let us know by placing the copy job in an envelope marked “Confidential” on the outside or state your request on your electronic submission. This assures that your copies will be kept in a secure place, copied without examination by staff, and any extra originals or copies will be destroyed.


Copyright Permission

The provisions of the Copyright Act govern the University’s policy on the photocopying of published materials for classroom use. Copyright laws and policies are available upon request in General Services. In summary: The reproduction of published works or printed matter in violation of the copyright laws is strictly forbidden beyond what is historically and legally considered as fair use and may place the user and the University in legal jeopardy.


Following are examples of what does, or does not, constitute fair use:

1. Fair Use applies only to reproduction for such purposes as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research.

2. The fact that copying is for nonprofit use has no bearing on the question of fair use.

3. Copying portions of a news article may be fair use, but NOT copying from a workbook designed for a course of study.

4. Photocopying or duplicating by an individual for his/her personal use, as long as it is a single copy of an article, short poem, or small portion of the work as a whole, is generally considered fair use.

5. Copying the whole of a work cannot be considered fair use.

6. Fair use might allow teachers, acting on their own, to copy small portions of a work for the classroom, but would not allow the University to do so.

7. Systematic duplication, whether making multiple copies at one time or single copies that in the aggregate add up to multiple ones, is not considered fair use.

8. If resulting economic loss to the copyright owner can be shown, even making a single copy of certain materials may be a violation.

Our University policy is as follows:

Copying permitted without copyright permission:

1. Single copies for instructors.

·A chapter from a book

·An article from a periodical or newspaper

·A chart, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book

2. Multiple copies for instructors: (not to exceed the number of students in the class)

·A maximum of 2500 words ( approximately 5 pages) from a book or article

·A maximum of 250 words from poetry

·One chart, graph, diagram, cartoon or picture.

Faculty are urged to plan reading lists with this information in mind and to request copyright permission well in advance.  To obtain copyright permission, write to the publisher of the material you wish to use and include the following information:


Faculty position or title

Name and number of course

Academic term


Date of Publication

Page number to be copied

Number of copies to be made




Please submit your permission letter to the Bookstore with the material being copied.

Please note:  The bookstore will be happy to assist in obtaining permission if necessary.  Please submit the above information to the bookstore in ample time to obtain the permission.