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ADAPT Exam Access Code Reference Guide

If the material shows as "ADAPT for Exam...", click the green "view course materials button"

click the blue "view courseware details" button

Click "Acquire Code" or "Add to Cart" and complete the order.

To redeem the code, please click the link for specific course and exam below:


ACSC-394, ACSC-594 P Exam

ACSC-407, ACSC-607 STAM Exam

ACSC-411, ACSC-611 IFM Exam

ACSC-414, ACSC-514 FM Exam

ACSC-415, ACSC-515 FM Exam

ACSC-422, ACSC-522 LTAM Exam


ACSC-495, ACSC-595 FM Exam

MATH-371, MATH-571 P Exam 


If you have any questions regarding applying the access code, please contact