Big Red M Box

 What is the Big Red M Box?

It’s Maryville in a box! The Big Red M Box is the #1 place to get unique spirit wear and one-of-a-kind items to show off your pride in your university. Your subscription pays for four boxes throughout the academic year, not to mention an invite to subscriber-exclusive events! Get connected with your campus by joining the Big Red M Box family!

Who is the Box for?

You! The Big Red M Box is curated for students, alumni, parents, and family. If you have a passion for Maryville, this box is created especially for you.

When Can I Get it?

You can subscribe at any time, however we recommend subscribing before September 1st in order to obtain all four boxes.

Where Can I Subscribe?

Join us by signing up online at our website or at our campus store located in the Donius University Center.


How much does it cost?

The Big Red M Box is priced at $29* per box, but is valued at over $70 retail price! It’s the best deal around to get exclusive gear celebrating your school.


*Price does not include sales tax or shipping rates.


Have any more questions? Contact The M Store!