Digital-First Course Materials Delivery through RedShelf

To access course materials, go to the RedShelf link in Canvas ( Google Chrome is highly recommended.

On My Courses page, click the green button View Course Materials.

Click the blue button "View Courseware Details" / "View Product Details" / View Book Details" to see options.

Inclusive One Fee will see the message "The price of this item was already included in your one-fee program. Use Start Reading to access the digital eBook immediately. If you prefer print, select print and click add to cart.

Non-inclusive One Fee will see the message "Please add the item to your cart and checkout for access.

"Online Access Code" refers to a courseware material. No physical option. Click "Acquire Code" to see the code. To redeem the code, please follow the instructions provided by the instructor or click here for specific instructions for access code product reference guide.

"Digital Rental" refers to Digital Book. No physical option. Click "Start Reading" to access materials. Check out RedShelf eBook features here.

"Print Rental" or "Supply" refers to a physical book or supply item such as safety glasses, calculator, or a composition notebook. No digital option. Click "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout. You will be required to enter your shipping address.

"Digital Rental" and "Print Rental" refer to course material that is available in digital format and physical format. You may select ONE format that you prefer. 

If a nursing kit or other non RedShelf delivery material is required for a course in which you are enrolled, click "Add to My Shelf" and "Start Reading" for specific instructions. 

If "Maryville Open Educational Resources" is listed for the course in which you are enrolled, please refer to the course syllabus for specific instructions. 

If "Library Course Materials" are required for the course in which you are enrolled, click "Add to My Shelf" and "Start Reading" for specific instructions.

Click "Click Here To Access"

Sign in with your Canvas username and password to access library course materials. 

Some courses may have more than one required title. Click the green button "View Course Materials" and ensure that you view all titles in the course and make your selection before you move on to the next course. 

When you have not made a selection for all required text in the course, you will see the message "There is (1) more item associated with this course." To complete the process, click "View Course Materials" to view the remaining title and make a selection to the title that you have not yet make a selection for.

When you complete course materials selection, click the cart icon

Click "Proceed to Checkout"

Enter your name and shipping address for where you will live during the academic term and click "Continue".

If you are living on campus, please enter the following address:

650 Maryville University Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141

For Inclusive One Fee students, click "Continue" on the Payment Details page and click "Continue".

For Non-inclusive One Fee students, enter your credit card information on the Payment Details page and click "Continue".

Click "Complete Order". You will receive he "Success" message when the order is completed.

To view your order history, click on account icon  and click "My Account" and "Order History".

Click the +sign in front of the order number to see order details and tracking information.


Need help? 

Contact Course Materials Support or email: