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Faculty RedShelf Course Materials FAQ

What is RedShelf?

RedShelf is Maryville’s exclusive course materials provider through Digital-First Course Materials model. Course materials for your courses are listed and accessible via the RedShelf link in Canvas.


What are Digital-First course materials?

All required course materials will be delivered in an electronic format delivered through RedShelf in Canvas.

Inclusive One Fee students can access course materials without being ask to pay. Non-inclusive One Fee students will be required to pay with a credit card.


What is One Fee? What does the One Fee cover?

To streamline student fees, create cost savings, and ensure students there are no hidden fees, Maryville University charges only One Fee, a comprehensive fee that may cover the following student services and resources, dependent upon a student’s program of enrollment and instructional delivery method: orientation; clinical processing; student activities; fitness facilities; health and wellness center; library; technology; transcripts; course fees, lab fees, and graduation. For traditional day undergraduate students in ALL programs and graduate students in the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology programs, the One Fee is inclusive of textbooks and other course materials, which are provided to students in these programs by the first day of class on a rental basis.  For undergraduate students in online and/or evening/weekend programs and students in all other graduate/doctoral programs other than those listed above, the One Fee is exclusive of textbooks and other course materials.


How do I know if my students are Inclusive One Fee or Non-Inclusive One Fee?

Inclusive One Fee students pay the “One Fee” that cover course materials. Students in traditional day undergraduate programs, as well as graduate/doctoral students in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology are most likely “Inclusive One Fee”.

Non-inclusive One Fee students pay the “One Fee” that DOES NOT cover course materials. Undergraduate students in online and/or evening/weekend programs and students in all other graduate/doctoral programs other than those listed above are mostly “Non-inclusive One Fee”. Students will be able to purchase course materials online through RedShelf with a credit card, or you may request a book voucher to use financial aid to pay.


How do I find RedShelf in Canvas?

Instructors may access RedShelf in the course 4 weeks before the first day of class to verify course materials.

Students may access RedShelf in Canvas through the global navigation bar 2 weeks before the first day of class to access/order their course materials.


I do not see the RedShelf link in my course. What should I do?

You can fix this. To enable the RedShelf link in the course, go to your course > click settings > click navigation > drag RedShelf link from the lower section to the top (you may drag it under Modules link) > scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save.


How do I access course materials through RedShelf?

Your course materials are listed on the RedShelf link in your course. Click the green button “View Course Materials. If you have more than one title, you will see how many titles are adopted above the green button. By clicking the green button, it will expand the list of course materials in your course.


Here is what you may see:

“View Book Details”:
The blue button “View Book Details” refers to eBook. You may click the “Start Reading” button to access the eBook through RedShelf.
View Courseware Details”: IMPORTANT- Additional steps are required!
The blue button “View Courseware Details” refers to materials that require an Access Code for use. You will need to set up the courseware and link to Canvas. This is an important step that you need to do immediately to ensure that students will be able to redeem the access code and have access to course materials on the first day of class.
Note: refer to “How to set up courseware for my course?”
“View Product Details”:
The blue button “View Product Details” refers to physical/print only materials. You will see the message displays as “Reading Options -Please speak to your publishing representative to purchase the physical version of this item.” Physical/print only materials are not accessible through RedShelf for instructors.
Note: refer to “How to obtain physical/print materials?”


How to I set up courseware for my course?

Online courses will have instructions in the “Modules” area, for on-ground courses, see the list of commonly used courseware below for instructions in enabling:


I need help setting up courseware for my course. Who do I need to contact?

If you need assistance in setting up courseware for your course, please submit a ticket to the Help Desk Team. 
Please make sure you obtain specific information for courseware through RedShelf by clicking the blue button “View Courseware Details” for example, title, type of courseware (Connect, MindTap, MyLab, and etc.), isbn, and edition.
You may also reach out to the publisher representatives.


McGrawHill Connect and ALEKS:

Stacey Kaiser
Executive Learning Technology Representative
P: 563-584-6205  E:
Schedule a meeting with our Implementation Team to assist with setting up your course and training on ConnectInstructors only):
Connect Tech Support:  1-800-331-5094  They can help you at any time/no appointment needed.


Cengage MindTap

Kirstin Wiley
Inside Account Executive
E:  Schedule a meeting with Kirstin!
Instructor Resources/Training.

Pearson MyLab
        Lea Silverman
        Pearson Learning Solutions Account Representative
        P: (317) 607-7355
        Instructor Resources: MyMathLab integration in Canvas

 MacMillan Archive

Melanie Zhitnitsky
Learning Consultant 


 Hannah Harkey
 P:  314-320-0961   E:


I do not see books for my course. What should I do?

There are other type of course materials you may see through RedShelf in your course. You may see“Open Educational Resources”, “Library Course Materials”, “No Required Materials” on RedShelf.

“Open Educational” or “OER” refers to Open Educational Resources, the format and distribution method of these vary greatly, so please reach out to your department for more information. In most case, the contents are built in the Canvas Course Modules.

“Library Course Materials” refers to an eBook that is accessible through the University Library system. You will see a red PDF listed. Click start reading and you will see the course material details and instructions to access the Library Course Materials. Library Course Materials are available in digital format at no cost to students.

 “No Required Materials” refers to no materials are required for the course.



How to obtain physical/print materials?

Physical/print course materials are not provided through RedShelf. When you click the blue button “View Product Details” you will see the message “Reading Options -Please speak to your publishing representative to purchase the physical version of this item.” Please reach out to your department for assistance in obtaining physical/print materials. However, your students will see the option to order physical/print item through RedShelf.


What is The M Store Course Materials Verification Checklist?

The M Store will email you a notification with course material adoptions specific to your courses. Please make sure to compare the material information in the email with the actual materials listed through RedShelf.
  • Review the information on the Course Materials Information page and go to the RedShelf link in Canvas to verify that you see all the materials required, and that they are correct in edition, title, author, etc.
  • If you have courseware materials, please ensure that you’ve set up courseware link properly and link to your course in Canvas.
  • Complete the survey link in the email from the M Store team to confirm and report any discrepancies or missing course materials.

Who do I need to contact if I have questions or concerns about course materials for my course?

You may contact The M Store at