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Lippincott CoursePoint+ Access Code Reference Guide

Course materials may be delivered as an "Access Code" which require you to take an additional step to access to the courseware and eBook. If your course is using Lippincott CoursePoint, CoursePoint+ access code, you will need to redeem the code on the publisher website. You may also follow the instructions provided by your instructors to access the materials.

To start your CoursePoint experience, please follow these 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Register or sign in at thePoint

  • Register at and activate the 12‐digit access code listed below. Follow the directions on the screen to complete registration.
  • If you are a returning user to thePoint, make sure to login with your previous Point credentials by clicking on the blue Return User button.

Step 2: View our brief training video tutorial!

  • Lippincott wants to ensure your experience is positive, so we highly encourage you to watch our training video:

Step 3: Assessing CoursePoint

  • Once you are signed into thePoint (see Step 1), click on the “My Content” tab and launch CoursePoint from your list of products. You will see many options in which you can launch your CoursePoint. The descriptions of these options are explained below:
  1. About this Product: This is the place where you will see the product description. There are no accessible products in this tab.
  2. Course Content: This tab provides access to your eBook, and other online resources that will aid you with your studies.
  3. Adaptive Learning by PrepU: This tab provides you with your PrepU access. If you are using PrepU in conjunction with a class, you will need to obtain a Class Code from your instructor in order to join your class and begin receiving any assignments. This Class Code is not the same as your Access Code.
  4. vSim for Nursing: This tab provides you with access to the vSim Scenarios, tutorials and your results for your simulation scores.

Step 4: Downloading your VitalSource eBook: Launching the Enhanced Digital Textbook

  • While on the Course Content tab, click the Digital Textbook link under the “Knowledge Acquisition” banner while viewing resources by Resource Type. Once you download a CoursePoint textbook, it is yours for life – even after access to your CoursePoint product ends. But you have to download it to keep it. Here’s how:
  1. Create an online Bookshelf: Once you’ve opened or launched your digital textbook from your Lippincott CoursePoint product (and accepted the license agreement), look beneath the Lippincott CoursePoint logo and book title in the upper left corner of the page. You’ll see, “Want to download books to view offline?” followed by an invitation to click on, “Just finish configuring your account.” After clicking this link, you’ll be prompted to enter account information or to create an account. If you already have an online VitalSource account through Lippincott or another publisher, use that login information. No book codes are required.
  2. Once you’re done configuring your account and click “Register,” the registration screen will go away and you’ll see the book page from which you launched the account configuration process.Your new digital textbook is now on the online Bookshelf, which you can access by clicking on the CoursePoint logo in the upper left corner of the page. You’re also ready to DOWNLOAD your Bookshelf, and any textbook(s) on it, to your PC or other devices (described below). Remember, any time you’re in the textbook, you can get to your Bookshelf by clicking on the CoursePoint logo in the upper left corner.
  3. Download your Bookshelf and its contents to other devices: If you’re viewing your digital textbook, click on the CoursePoint logo to view the online Bookshelf. While viewing the Bookshelf, look under the Lippincott CoursePoint logo for links to download your Bookshelf for Windows or Mac (see below). Clicking on one of these platforms will take you to a VitalSource page that enables you to download a Vital Source app to your device. You can download your Bookshelf to two computers (laptops/desktops) and two mobile devices (tablets, phones, readers). Remember, the downloaded version of your digital textbook has no access expiration date. You may want to save a download in the event one of your devices fails, is lost, upgraded, etc. Check out one of the links below for specific instructions for the specific devices you want to download to:
  • To access your online Bookshelf and books (desktop view) via your iPhone or iPad, go to and log in using the credentials you established in Step 1, above.
  • When you access the downloaded version of Bookshelf, you will be prompted in several ways to download assets (digital textbooks) that are on that Bookshelf. Depending on the device, you may see a pop‐up or a message at the bottom of the page. Also, clicking on a book that hasn’t been downloaded yet will create a prompt to download.
  • Unless you have Internet access, once you’re in your downloaded digital textbook, you won’t have access to Lippincott CoursePoint. However, you’ll have access to the textbook and most of the interactive resources embedded in it.
  • If you already have a downloaded version of Bookshelf and add a book, it should appear in your downloaded Bookshelf automatically. Also, you may be prompted to download newly acquired assets or updates to existing titles. To make sure all of your digital textbooks are on your downloaded bookshelf, you can check by going to My Account and clicking on “Update Book List” to show all of your textbook assets. This updates what you have been licensed to have on your Bookshelf.

Need help? You can contact Tech Support at 1‐800‐468‐1128 or email for any additional questions! The hours of operation are below:

  • Monday‐Thursday, 8am‐12am (Midnight) ET
  • Friday, 8am‐7pm ET
  • Sunday,4pm‐12am (Midnight) ET