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McGraw-Hill Connect Access Code Reference Guide

Course materials may be delivered as an "Access Code" which require you to take an additional step to access to the courseware and eBook. If your course is using McGraw-Hill Connect access code, there will be a link to McGraw-Hill Connect (DI) in your course. This is a place for you to click to redeem the access code. You may also follow the instructions provided by your instructors to access the materials. 

Go to RedShelf link in Canvas to get the access code. Click the green button "View Course Materials"

Click the blue button "View Courseware Details"

Click "Acquire Code" for inclusive one fee or click "Add to Cart" to purchase the code for non-inclusive one fee

Click "McGraw-Hill Connect (DI)" link and "Go to my Connect section" to redeem McGraw-Hill Connect Access Code

Once you've completed the registration process, you should have access to the course that you are enrolled through Connect.

Need help? 

Course Materials Support or email