Big Red M Box - One Box Only

What is the Big Red M Box?
It’s Maryville in a box! The Big Red M Box is the #1 place to get unique spirit wear and one-of-a-kind items to show off your pride in your university. At $29 per box, you are receiving four boxes retail-valued at $70 each! Your subscription pays for four boxes throughout the academic year, not to mention an invite to subscriber-exclusive events. Get connected with your campus by joining the Big Red M Box family!

This box is $49 (one box only).

Who is the Box for?
You! This box is for those who would like to receive just one box and not all 4. We do suggest you reconsider getting the full subscription and save $20. The Big Red M Box is curated for students, alumni, parents, family, and friends. This box also makes a great gift!

How does it work? 
Full subscription: You will be charged once ($116 plus tax) for all four boxes spanning an academic year. You can choose to have your box shipped to you or you can join the party and pick it up at our distribution events on campus!

This box is for $49, one box only.

When Can I Get it?
You can subscribe at any time, however, we recommend subscribing before August 16th in order to obtain all four boxes. Distribution will be on the following days: August 27th, November 8th, February 2nd, and April 20th. If you have selected to have your boxes shipped to you, they will ship the week of the campus distribution. You will receive the most recent box unless you are within 30 days of the upcoming box.


We have a quick and easy 30-day postage-paid return or exchange policy.