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Raven's Revenge: Tales of Dragonia

Raven's Revenge: Tales of Dragonia
Raven's Revenge: Tales of Dragonia

Many years ago, Raven witnessed the destruction of her village and its people, including her family, and that vision still haunts her as an adult. As she grew up she was resourceful and learned the ways of the forest and the skills of a ranger, but she had something else that helped her survive, as with all woodland elves she processes a magic that is drawn from nature. With these talents she has sworn to avenge her people's death and vowed to kill Rhudaur, the sorcerer that caused their demise. Kelron, Prince of the Ararox people in the northeast region of Dragonia, is now on a quest to rescue his soon-to- be bride. Rhudaur, lifelong enemy of Kelron's father, has kidnapped her and he sets out on a path that will change him forever. When a mysterious man hires Raven to assist and protect Kelron on his journey, she sees this as an opportunity to fulfill her sworn vow of vengeance. Raven and Kelron must learn to trust each other and find a way to save Princess Tatiana from the grips of this evil sorcerer -- and themselves.

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