Textbook Rental Program Terms

This book belongs to Maryville University Bookstore

Acceptable Condition:

Limited highlighting and marking in book

Usage of any CDs, DVDs, or cassettes

Be gentle - I’m a rental


Unacceptable Condition:

Excess highlighting or marking

Water damage

Missing or torn pages or covers

Broken or missing CDs, DVDs, or cassettes


Please return rental books to the bookstore by the end of the semester. If lost, stolen or damaged, please contact the bookstore for further instructions.


All rental books must be returned by the end of the semester, after which you will be charged a late fee of $20.00. If the book is not returned after seven days, you will be charged the full new retail price.


Maryville University Bookstore

650 Maryville University Drive

St. Louis, Mo 63141

(314) 529-9438